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We're delighted to be working with the Lawrence Batley Theatre (Huddersfield) and The Dukes (Lancaster) to bring you an exciting, interactive adventure box!

Join Charlotte on a mystery-adventure of  crime solving, case cracking and restoring peace to the village of Batley.

Charlotte Holmes is an interactive theatrical experience for children aged 7-12, delivered directly to your door.  A combination of physical and online elements help you solve the mystery.



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robin hood

the lbt, huddersfield

The townsfolk of Nottingham are trembling in their boots as the big bad Sheriff of Nottingham taxes them out of existence.  Who can save them but Robin Hood... and a very sassy Maid Marion!

The Big Tiny are thrilled to be joining forces with the Lawrence Batley Theatre to produce Huddersfield's magical pantomime this year.

Come and join Robin and all his Merry Men for an evening of action, laughter, song, and more fun than you can shoot an arrow at.

4th Dec 2020 - 3rd Jan 2021

@ The Lawrence Batley Theatre

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dick whittington

market drayton / saddleworth

We're back for another smashing year at the Festival Drayton Centre (Shropshire) and Millgate Arts Centre (Saddleworth) with this year's offering - Dick Whittington!

Over the past 2 years The Big Tiny have set the bar high for big shows in these intimate venues and this year's promises to be even better.

Book your tickets today:

3rd - 9th Dec 2020 @ Festival Drayton Centre

12th - 31st Dec 2020 @ Millgate Arts Centre

What the critics said of Sleeping Beauty 2019:

Amazing from start to finish... Dazzling

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